Thursday, July 10, 2008

graphical progress on MeshMaze

The best new feature is that custom graphics can be defined by a snippet of SVG. Before, it had to be done programmatically.

Although you don't see it, layers are working now. Objects can only interact with other objects on the same layer. (Inter-layer interaction might be useful.) Layers can help the level look more decent.

There is a new kind of portal that will send you to a different spot on the level as opposed to sending you to a different level. It can use relative or absolute coordinates. Or it can link to another portal (but if that portal is on the same layer as you, a chain reaction teleport occurs).

Objects can have different graphics depending on which way they are facing. You can see this with the default character, a green alien.

Movement is now smooth, using the handy animate method. For some reason, this method wasn't available for the svg viewBox, which is used to pan the camera view. I rigged my own loop to smooth out the panning, but I still need to perfect it or find another approach.

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