Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things Are Happening

First, the RPG has been put on hold, sort of. I don't like where the code base is going. So I've scaled down my goal. I am now making a maze. The maze will include color-coded locked doors and keys. I should be able to hack it together pretty quickly. When I'm done, everyone can start making levels (assuming I am able to make a level editor)--that is, everyone except for me, because I'll be adding more features and slowly morphing the maze into the RPG.

Daodos is working on has drafted a design document for a game that is similar to what I am doing. It stars Rosco, the samurai with ninja-like tendencies. Implementing it inside my maze or RPG is definitely a possibility.

Chase also has a game design document too of a garden sim. I quite like the idea with its quirky appeal, but I currently have no plans on executing it.

So, lots of stuff is happening and we should have some games out there soon. I'm going to make it an early night and get a head start in the morning. Game on, peeps.

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